Energy Saving Potential of Technical Insulation (12th IAEE European Energy Conference 3/3)

Vom 09.-12. September 2012 findet die 12th IAEE European Energy Conference "Energy challenge and environmental sustainability" in Venedig statt. Die FfE GmbH wird auf dieser Konferenz  mit drei Beiträgen vertreten sein. Die dritte Veröffentlichung behandelt folgendes Thema:


Energy Saving Potential of Technical Insulation

Presenter(s): Karin Wiesemeyer
Co-Author(s): Anna Gruber, Marco Schwentzek, and Serafin von Roon


During the course of the development of climate goals as a measure to reduce climate change, the Federal Government of Germany has decided in 2007 to reduce the CO2 emissions of Germany drastically until 2020. A major share of about 40 % of the emissions is related to the existing building stock, which is a reason why focus is put on energy-saving measures.

Apart from residential buildings also commercial and industrial buildings are responsible for high CO2 emissions. But the exact share on the total energy consumption of these buildings including the installed facilities and components therein could not been quantified yet. Additionally, there is currently not data available of the heat losses of industrial facilities and their share on the total heat demand of a company. Within the scope of this research project this data was gathered based on a detailed analysis of selected companies.

The goal of this research project was to determine possible and at the same time economically feasible energy saving potentials of technical insulation in the industrial sector.


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