Capacity Building “Development of energy supply concepts” for electricians in Ndanda (Tansania)

Currently, the FfE is developing an energy supply concept for Ndanda Abbey (Tanzania) with all its associated buildings (including hospital, carpentry workshop, school). The main criterion for the concept is to achieve an efficient, reliable and cost-effective power supply.

During the on-site inspection it became clear that currently no energy monitoring is carried out and that the communication between individual energy managers is not working. In addition, the employees are not aware of the classic energy efficiency measures, which means that electricity consumption is significantly higher than necessary.

In order to support the employees on site in setting up a suitable energy management system and to be able to operate the supply of the island grid - including photovoltaics - in the best possible way in the future, the FfE employees trained various groups in Ndanda Abbey.

  • Traninig for target group: Management staff of Ndanda Abbey
    • Status Quo Energy supply and problems in Ndanda Abbey
    • Opportunities of an energy management system
    • Steps to introduce an energy management system
    • Tasks of an energy team and criteria for the selection of energy team members
    • Data required for the preparation of an energy concept
    • Further steps to develop the energy concept for Ndanda Abbey
  • Traninig for target group: Energy managers in individual areas:
    • Definition of energy demand types (e.g. final energy, useful energy)
    • Types of energy demand (e.g. heating, hot water cooling, electricity)
    • Need of measurement data for concept development
    • Overview of electricity-saving energy efficiency measures on the consumption, distribution and generation side using on-site examples
    • Opportunities of an energy management system (general and related to Ndanda)
    • Tasks of an energy team


Britta Kleinertz bei der Schulung des zukünftigen Energieteams

Figure 1: Britta Kleinertz training the future energy team


Planned further support

In addition to the training courses, the staff of the FfE provided various simple templates for the introduction of energy management (e.g. template for energy team meeting protocol, to-do list). Furthermore, the FfE staff will be continuously available to the energy managers on site to clarify any questions that may arise and to help them to achieve an optimized energy supply.

In addition, further in-depth training courses are planned, e.g. on energy consumption analysis, energy efficiency measures and the creation and operation of a photovoltaic-based energy supply concept.


IMG 7534

Figure 2: Frank Veitengruber in the discussion on the further procedure for drawing up the energy concept

Both the conception and implementation of the training as well as the development of the energy supply concept are largely carried out by our employees on a voluntary basis. Kindly, the flights to the on-site appointment are paid by Verein zur Förderung des internationalen Wissensaustauschs e. V.

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