Energy consulting at Blessed Gérard's Care Centre in Mandeni and Inkamana Abbey

The Blessed Gérard's Care Centre in Mandeni (South Africa) consists of a hospice, patient care centre and an orphanage. Since 2013, the FfE has supported this centre both through an annual fundraising campaign and through voluntary energy counselling.

As part of the energy counselling, the load profiles of the centre have been continuously analysed since the end of 2017 and recurring on-site inspections were carried out. The procedure is based on classical energy audits, which are carried out by the FfE with many years of expertise both in Germany and Austria. The energy consultants firstly obtain an overview of the actual state of the energy supply and consumers and then derive optimisation potentials from it. In Mandeni, the experience gained from consultations in Germany is used and adapted to the differing regulatory, technical and organisational requirements in South Africa.

Due to the high average temperatures in Mandeni, the optimisation of air conditioning, but also the reduction of distribution losses in the provision of hot water as well as an improved use of roof areas for solar systems are relevant topics.


Gruppenfoto Mandeni

Figure 1: Father Gerhard (third from the right), the FfE energy advisors and travel companions in front of the entrance to the Blessed Gérard's Care Centre in Mandeni.

A further energy consultation took place in the monastery community with school and boarding school in Inkamana Abbey. Due to the varying occupancy rates of the buildings on the premises throughout the year, the intelligent shutdown of consumers, especially water heaters, and an energy-saving lighting concept are of particular importance for energetic optimisation. For the large number of buildings with different usage profiles, the installation of a centralised photovoltaic system for electricity self-supply represents a sensible investment measure. Among other things, this is intended to counteract the increasing energy costs of electricity as the only energy source used.


Gruppenfoto Inkamana

Figure 2: Brother Bernhard (recn the very right), the FfE energy consultants and travel companions.


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