Development of an energy management System at MTU Aero Engines AG

Large-scale factories in the manufacturing industry in particular have a large number of different energy requirements, for example:

  • Heat demand:
    • for district applications (room or process heat respectively air conditioning or process cooling)
    • at different temperature levels
    • for varying requirement profiles
  • Power requirement of different demand profiles for
    • Cooling
    • Processes
    • Lighting
    • Ventilation
    • etc.

The introduction of a structured energy management system can be a suitable instrument to identify the most relevant energy applications in these often organically grown structures and hence to identify energy saving potentials. MTU Aero Engines AG is therefore planning to introduce such a system at its Munich site based on the energy management standard ISO 50001:2018.




Photo: MTU Aero Engines (© MTU Aero Engines)


FfE will support MTU Aero Engines AG in the following areas:

  • Implementation of a GAP analysis to determine the need for action for the introduction of ISO 50001
  • Designing a schedule for the preparation of missing documents/data
  • Identification and evaluation of consumers (cross-sectional technologies and production facilities)
  • Determination of helpful energy key figures within the framework of a key figure workshop
  • Development of a measurement concept
  • Elaboration of a communication concept
  • Preparation of a monitoring template for energy efficiency measures
  • Provision of templates for various required documents and verification of documents created by MTU Aero Engines AG

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