Non-industrial flexibilities in Augsburg - Technologies and potentials

The change in electricity generation towards fluctuating renewable energies makes the flexibilisation of electricity consumption increasingly relevant. These flexibilities can potentially be provided by all electricity consumption sectors (private households, industry, mobility or trade, commerce and services).

Currently, the Kopernikus SynErgie project is analysing and employing the flexibility potential in the industry in more detail. The aim of this supplementary short report is to present the characteristics of non-industrial flexible consumers in a generally understandable way and to estimate their respective potential for the model region Augsburg. The non-industrial flexibility technologies considered here are:

  • Demand Side Management in households,
  • Heat pumps with heat accumulators,
  • Electric vehicles and
  • electrical domestic storage systems.

Within the scope of the short assessment, fact sheets were prepared for each of these flexibility technologies, which contain information on the criteria shown in Figure 1

Übersicht Daten und Kriterien

 Figure 1: Overview on the data and criteria contained in the profiles of the flexibility technologies

The flexibility potential was derived as both flexible energy and flexible power. The results for the flexible yearly energy are shown in Figure 2.

Übersicht des flexibilisierbaren Strombedarfs

Figure 2: Overview of the flexible power demand of the considered flexibility technologies for the model region Augsburg

A detailed description of how the flexibility potentials for the individual flexibility technologies were determined can be found in the project report. This report also contains information on the conclusions that can be drawn from the results and what further research is needed.

Further information:

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