Workshop on EnPI and Regression Analysis

On behalf of Magna International, a training workshop on EnPI and regression analysis was held in English for over 60 international participants with locations in Europe and Asia. The respective energy managers and members of energy teams were taught the following contents during a three-hour workshop:

  • Normative foundations and targets for energy performance indicators
  • Challenges in choosing significant EnPIs & difference between classical Energy Performance Indicators vs. regression analysis
  • Practical procedure for regression analysis

Step-by-step calculation of a practical example for "extended ENPIs" using regression analysis



Brief summary of what we have learned so far


Since the requirements for the proof of continuous improvement are becoming increasingly strict, especially in the course of ISO 50001:2018, (energy efficiency) savings can generally no longer be represented in a generalized manner using classic key figures, for example kWh/kg. In order to be able to consider several influencing factors on energy consumption at the same time, the use of regression analysis is necessary. The principle of the statistical calculation model is shown in figure 1 below.


Prinzip der Regressionsanalyse

Figure 1: Principle of the regression analysis


Further information:

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