Active Demand Value ANd Consumers Experience Discovery (ADVANCED)

Gutachtertätigkeit beim Stakeholder Advisory Board
im Rahmen des 7. Europäischen Forschungsrahmenprogramms

The aims of Advanced (Active Demand Value ANd Consumers Experience Discovery) are to help spread active demand and knowledge of its benefits throughout Europe, assess its impact on consumers and the energy network as a whole through the study of pilot projects and identify factors for success and what action needs to be taken to realise large scale active demand programmes. The project is co-financed by the European Community as part of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

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The Advanced project, launched in December 2012, will develop actionable frameworks enabling residential, commercial/industrial consumers to participate in Active demand, thus contributing to Active Demand mass deployment in Europe. Also, the benefits of Active Demand for key stakeholders and the inherent impacts on the electricity systems considering its potential contribution to system stability and efficiency will be quantified according to different scenarios.

Advanced is promoted by a consortium of some of the major European energy utilities (Enel Distribuzione, ERDF, Iberdrola Distribución, RWE), universities, research centers and consulting firms in the energy sector (Comillas, Universidad Pontificia, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, TNO, VaasaETT), one of the European leading agencies specializing in market research (TNS) and one of the first aggregators in Europe that offers active demand programs for commercial and industrial consumers (Entelios).

The consortium will be supported by a Stakeholder Advisory Board composed of the main AD target groups, including consumer representatives.

The project is coordinated by Enel Distribuzione, will last two years and has a budget of € 4.1 million, of which € 2.7 million funded by the European Community under the Seventh Framework Programme.

To reach the project objectives, real data made available by the four utilities participating in the consortium and collected through four major pilot projects currently underway in Europe will be analyzed: two ADDRESS pilots (Spain and France), E-DeMa pilot (Germany) and Enel Info+ pilot (Italy). Furthermore, it will exploit the data collected in VaasaETT’s database (from 100 European Active Demand projects with the participation of around 450,000 residential consumers) as well as results from professional surveys including a quantitative one in eight EU Member States.


Projektlaufzeit: 2012 bis 2014

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