Development of new standard load profiles for Romania

eon romania

In the gas sector, standard load profiles are applied for allocation of non-metered customers. These exist for various customer groups and provide a function for mapping temperature to consumption. E.ON Romania previously used profiles based on the system developed by TU Munich for the German market with adjusted coefficients by the University of Oil and Gas Ploiesti. Since the resulting allocation quality is not optimal and recent work by FfE for Germany also shows room for improvement, new profiles for E.ON’s grid area were developed.

The analyses were based on measured daily consumption data for 6135 customers in 8 profile groups and 42 regions over varying periods of time between 2012 and 2015. Several options for the improvement and redefinition of the profiles were investigated, including alternative profile functions, regional profiles, clustering of customers to new profile groups, weighting of temperature values, additional weather influences and weekly as well as seasonal patterns. The results show that the deviation of allocation and real consumption can be improved significantly by taking some of this additional information into account (cf. figure 1). Moreover, the necessary number of meters for another profile revision was calculated, which allows to construct regionally adapted profiles in the future.

normalized deviation for current and optimized profiles

Figure 1: Normalized deviation for current and optimized profiles


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